First the FBI visited Mark, author of the first email in question, and then they went to where they thought I lived. These are our stories:

Mark’s Story

1st amendment gives you the right to write anything you want. Many lawyers would jump at the chance to pro bono any case infringing on that amendment. While our government tends to forget other basic rights guaranteed by the Constitution, they find it impossible to use anything but intimidation to scare people.

There is nothing to say about my visit from the FBI. It took only a couple of minutes. Two agents came to my door and identified themselves and asked if I would talk with them. I said sure and walked outside. After some chit-chat they said they were investigating threats made on a chat site and did I write the e-mail about heads on a fence post. I said I did. They mentioned something to the effect that that could cause someone to do that. I said I am not responsible for what others do. They said something about having to investigate these things and I said something about they should spend more time on real criminals.

They then said that they had information that I was a member of theMinutemen. I told them I was not a member. They then asked if I knew Jim G and I said that I think I am not interested in talking anymore and went back in my front door. They stood there as I was going in (which was priceless) like they couldn't believe I would not talk with them.

The next day or so I sent an e-mail to the then head (some woman) of the PHX FBI calling their visit harassment and of course, never heard back. End of story. However, I would never go visit them as I do not trust any LEO--they lie.

Laine’s Story

Three days before the Minuteman Project was set to commence, a friend of mine in Phoenix let me know that the FBI had come to his house looking for me. He said the agent left his phone number, and he had called it to make sure it was legit. He said they indicated that I wasn’t “in trouble,” that they just wanted to talk to me. I figured they had gone to his house because I stayed with him when I first moved to Arizona, and I used his address for my Drivers License. I consulted with a patriot friend of mine who advised me to go see them and bring a tape recorder, just to be annoying, and to protect myself.

The next day I called the Phoenix office of the FBI, and spoke to Scott, the first agent on the tape. Apparently, the FBI had no idea where I actually lived, although had they checked with AZ DPS (as they have the location of all CCW holders), they would have been able to visit me in person, just as they had done to Mark.

I’m not sure if the FBI is stupid, lazy or what, but Scott seemed to think that MM and Ranch Rescue were the same organization, and that is why I laughed derisively when he connected the two. I suppose all “border-watch” groups are the same to them! I wonder if the FBI and the MSM (mainstream media) are in a conspiracy together, as it seems they also think we are all Minuteman or MM “splinter” groups. Question: are they ALSO stupid, or just lazy? If the Federal’s “Finest” are this bad at what they do, is it any wonder that it took them years to catch the mad bomber Eric Rudolph, and that they still haven’t found Bin Laden?

I called the Sierra Vista FBI office and talked to Brian Witt, the SAC there. I told him I would be in town that day, and offered to drop by, without specifying what time exactly. He said he’d like to see me, and could I please manage to come before 5pm? (I guess everyone there was anxious to get home on time.) Now keep in mind this guy was the agent who had busted Ranch Rescue, and who was present when a female agent shot one of them, without any provocation, in the Safeway parking lot in Douglas! Oh, he was BAD!

Before I went in, I removed my gun and left it in my car, as I remembered that CCW was not legal in federal offices. Surprisingly, the office was in an ordinary office building, although when I walked into the reception area, the actual office was behind very thick bullet-proof glass. Brian Witt came out after I gave my name to the receptionist, asked me if I were carrying my gun!, and ushered me into a room smaller than a walk-in closet. He brought another agent with him, as he said he had to do that when interviewing a female. I wondered if they were going to do “good cop-bad cop” but the other agent never spoke.

Our interview begins here on the tape. We had to adjourn to the courtyard/stairwell area as indicated on the tape because I couldn’t record in their office. At one point in the interview, Witt was called back to the office, and I turned off the tape. I forgot to turn it back on when he returned, thus my comment about “going over old territory” when he asked a question he had asked at least twice before. I only lost around 5-8 minutes of our Q & A.

While he had me there, he spent an inordinate amount of time trying to pump me for information. Even if I had known something, I would not have told him. I sure was surprised when I heard him say that he was tipped off to the emails by Chris Simcox! I mean, Chris had been a real snake and a back-stabber to me, but siccing the FBI on me was a new low, even for him, and certainly not something which could be forgiven.Although Witt tried to downplay Chris’ involvement, Chris knew darn well that the BorderWar list was mine, as I had invited him to join it when I began it and he had declined. What irked me is that he wasn’t even a member of the list, so what was he doing poking around in the archives anyway?

And to think that I was one of his biggest supporters at one time! When Witt said Chris had told him about the emails, something just clicked in me because I remember him saying he was going to turn anyone in to the FBI who he thought was suspicious. I suppose he was getting contacted by some serious militia types who freaked him out, and perhaps he was afraid they were going to cause some kind of violence. I wonder if he was “turned” into a govt snitch after his arrest for carrying a firearm in a national park as a condition of his probation. It was a 2 year long probation, so anything is possible, and the FBI might have wanted him to feed them some info on someone that week, and I was “it”. I personally thought that depriving him of his Second Amendment rights was far too severe considering the nature of his offense. Take a tip from this—catching you on firearms violations is a favorite technique of the feds.

At the end of the “interview,” I decided to press my luck and see if the FBI ever investigated the other side, the illegal alien-lovers. I mentioned No More Deaths, and I did send Witt a copy of my report on them that I wrote for the Tombstone Tumbleweed. Funny...2 “humanitarian” volunteers for them were busted by the Border Patrol in the desert south of Tucson that summer for transporting illegal aliens. Did the feds actually listen to me, or was that just a coincidence? I wonder...

My position on turning other patriots in to the government is that it is always wrong. If government and those running it are the problem (especially true in the case of illegal immigration), then how can I right that wrong and give power to The People by turning in another patriot? I am fighting the government, and therefore, if other patriots do things I do not like (short of stabbing me in the back or threatening mass murder), I do not give the enemy one of my brothers or sisters, period. I will never turn anyone on my side in. Anyone who does is a snitch, and should be dealt with as a snitch. Everyone knows what that means--I do not have to explain it.


Note: I think it is important to read these in the context of what was making news at the time. As you can see, people were feeling pretty frustrated. The Mexican government was actually threatening to sue and get an injunction to prevent MMP! Emotions were running high, and this series of emails shows the bigger picture of what was happening at the time. Because of Simcox’ snooping on the BorderWar list, all the messages are now accessible only to Moderators once they go into the Archives, and the Membership List is not visible to the public. LL

Mark’s Post:

RE: [BorderWar] Mexico involvement with MMP

I am pretty sure I would also show up. Not as MMP. In full cami, AR15, 16 full 30 rd mags, and stop the invasion using plan B. I am sympathetic to the hundreds of illegals and feel that just 8 to 10 heads stuck on a fence post would save hundreds of lives. It’s a sacrifice but I only have their safety in mind. Go ahead, make my day and get an injunction against MMP. Maybe it is time for the Arizona Militia to take over.

Disclaimer: I am not advocating that I would commit any crime, but maybe some wacko out there reading this would be motivated, inspired, moved to help out. After all, if you get accused of being a vigilante, you might as well be one.

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From: BMJ
Sent: Monday, February 28, 2005 11:25 PM
Subject: Re: [BorderWar] Mexico involvement with MMP

I would still attend Jim, can you imagine the outrage if I was arrested for driving or parking on a public road, that happens to be close to the border? I think the Gov would get a backlash that they are not expecting, americans are at boiling point it would only take one thing like this to have the pot boil over.

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From: Century21Minuteman
Sent: Monday, February 28, 2005 11:59 PM
Subject: Re: [BorderWar] Mexico involvement with MMP

It will only take one slanted judge to grant Mexico an injunction against the Minuteman Project. Faced with jail time if they assemble, most volunteers will resign.

Ladies and gentlemen, if such an injunction is granted, then you can officially say goodbye to your civil rights. The First AMendment may very well be a thing of the past.

For God and Country, Jim Gilchrist - The Minuteman Project

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From: kevin
Sent: Monday, February 28, 2005 8:38 PM
Subject: Re: [BorderWar] Mexico involvement with MMP

Ms. Rice is one helluva bind ;) .... and so is our administration.They can't stop MMP from peacefully assembling, and they will not openly speak out against Mexicaninterests. Cowards.Kevin

Debbie wrote: We don't take orders from corrupt, third world socialist dictatorships.

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From: Kevin
Sent: Monday, February 28, 2005 8:28 PM
Subject: [BorderWar] Mexico involvement with MMP

*I have two words for Mexico ......
Kevin XXXXX*

MEXICO CITY (Reuters) - Mexico will pursue legal action against plans by a U.S. citizens' group to patrol the U.S.-Mexican border in search of illegal immigrants, the country's foreign minister said on Monday.

Luis Ernesto Derbez said he asked lawyers in Los Angeles to draw up a legal strategy to fight the Arizona-based initiative called "the MinuteMan Project" that has signed up hundreds of volunteers for border patrols.

"We are going to attack by all legal means," Derbez told a news conference. "We are presenting the reasons why we consider this action to be incorrect and illegal from the point of view not only of our government but also under U.S. law."

Derbez said he would discuss the issue with Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice when she visits Mexico on March 10.

Organizers of the MinuteMan project say the U.S. government has failed to stem the flow of migrants across its 2,000-mile southern border, where about a million undocumented immigrants are caught each year, almost half coming through Arizona.

More than a million are thought to get through undetected.

Volunteers from at least 29 states plan to camp out in April on ranches and public land to spot and report illegal immigrants to the U.S. Border Patrol.

The undocumented migrants often risk death from heat exposure or at the hands of people smugglers in their journeys to seek work across the border.

Migration is a prickly issue for Mexico, where the government is growing skeptical President Bush will be able to deliver on his promise of a new migration accord to enable legal, safe and orderly migration.

Do Whatever You Want—March 1, 2005

From: Laine Lawless

Like I been a-tellin' these folks that write me ranting'bout guns and killin' and shit, come here and DO IT!I'm a-waitin'... ya'all come now, ya hear? I maynot want to follow in yr footsteps, but if'n you havethe solution to the illegal immigration problem ofAmerica, go for it! (Just let me know ahead of time,willya, cause I wanta take pictures and interview you, OK?)

The problem is, it's much more complicated than that.The govt is involved in it up to its eyeballs, and unlessthey are willing to FIX what they have screwed up, we arelike little gnats biting at a horse. What was that sayingfrom Thoreau about hacking at the branches of the tree, whilewe need to strike at its roots? How can we strike at the rootsof the problem, and still live?

I remember what happened to Randy Weaver, the Branch Davidians,the GOVT WORKERS at OKC, Ron Brown, the guy who arranged travel forthe Clintons, the capitalists at the WTC. No oneis immune--they'll kill their own people! WHy couldn't they arrangea nice little "accident" for us? TAke yr choice: chemical poison,bacterial poison, "dirty" bomb, a shootout, a laser from HAARP...oh,the mind does run wild....
And if all 500 of us disappeared, would anyone do anything? Folks,you don't need MMP to come down here and help. You can do it rightnow!

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